a better way to care for your lawn

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Vancouver

Tapias Landscaping provides full-service irrigation system design, installation, and repair services for homeowners and commercial properties. We can set-up a detailed analysis of your system to ensure that it provides full and water efficient coverage. The cost of water keeps on rising and yet at the same time, your landscaping requires the proper irrigation of water to remain healthy. If your monthly water costs are out of this world, you may want to have an irrigation audit performed on your property. With a properly installed system, your monthly water costs can be reduced. Contact Us today to start saving time, money and water!

Is your system properly installed? In top condition? When you hire Tapias Landscaping as your commercial landscape maintenance provider, you receive an irrigation expert with the knowledge and expertise to install and repair any sprinkler irrigation problem you may have.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems | Tapias Landscaping
Save time, money and water

A more efficient way to care for your lawn

Once a proper sprinkler irrigation system is installed, water costs are typically reduced by at least 30%. Your turf areas will be watered more efficiently. The runoff from your slopes will be reduced significantly. Your plant material will remain vibrant and healthy and your water costs will be reduced, by simply implementing our recommended irrigation system.

We’ve seen the results time and again. We are always monitoring your landscape during our visits to ensure optimum moisture levels, so your landscape remains beautiful, month in and month out, and our irrigation technicians and crew leaders are always inspecting your system to make sure it’s operating at it’s optimal potential. When you first get in touch with Tapias Landscaping, you will be greeted by a helpful and kind staff member ready to book your next-day estimate! We always treat our customers just like our employees, like family. With our strong beliefs in traditional family values and our hard work practices, Tapias Landscaping will always put your home’s landscape first.